Silicone Masks-
Our Silicone masks are affordable and realistic. They are as close as you can get to what you think of as a Mission Impossible mask. You look like one guy, pull off the mask and you are you again. They look realistic and they move with your face!
-No Makeup
-No Messy Glue
-Instant transformation

-Saves time and money by eliminating makeup artists and the hours applying prosthetics.
We love custom projects and we can make anything you'd like! Drop us a line and find out just how affordable the mask of your dreams can be!

Each Mask is reinforced around all facial openeings with a ripstop material.

Masks are designed to fit a minimum 22" head without requiring padding and the masks can stretch 9 times its normal size.

Masks can come with glued on wigs or can have all hair punched in by hand. Most are a combination of the two to maximize value and look!

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