The Scary Scarecrow - $700

Available for Purchase

Mask Max Animated Head System

Light up eyes

Ambient eye movement

Internal Powered Speakers

Stands 7' tall

Simple Moving figures can liven up any display. Easy to maintain and minimal moving parts mean that these will be trouble free for years to come. These were also accompanied by a basic lighting system and a motion sensing sound system that played the music.

The Ghoul - $2700 Sold

Mask Max animated head system

​Silicone face with hair

Light up eyes

Deluxe costume

Resin hands

3 points of body motion

Laser break trigger

Hook up for external sound system

1 extra output

The Necromancer - $3000

Available for purchase

Mask Max Animated Head System

Silicone Skin, acrylic teeth

Light up eyes

Deluxe Costume

Resin Hands

3 Points of body motion

Trigger of your choice

Internal speakers

Light up staff

External thunder and lightning sound and light projector


Animotions - animated figures

Here are the Animotions we have made. Some are available for purchase! Just contact us to do so!

Animotions combine the wow factor of an amazing looking, moving figure with the ease of use of a store bought figure. Plus they are easily customized and we are only limited by your imagination!

Moving Display Figures​

The Angry Elf - $1450

Available for Purchase

Mask Max Animated Head System

Silicone Skin with Hair

Soft Body

Deluxe Costume

Motion sensor activation with speaker

Stands 3.5' tall

Steve the Fluffy Parrot - $700

Available for Purchase

Soft fluffy body

2 points of body movement, lean and wings

4' decorated metal/plastic/wood stand

4' external Tiki Torch with LED flame light and speaker

Remote trigger

Animotions are the easiest to use and most deluxe figures on the market. Each comes ready to perform and simply requires a single wall outlet. No pneumatics, complex programming or wiring required. Just plug and play!

Each Animotion figure can be customized to your specifications. You choose

  • how many points of movement you want in the body
  • the number of shows you want - each can have a different script and activations
  • the script - have one or can we create it for you?
  • the look- over 70 silicone mask designs available and custom creations are our favorite! Costumes are no problem!
  • , how many additional outputs you want- want lights? Sound effects? Smoke? we can create a figure that activates them all
  • , the sound system you want - internal speaker, external speakers or plug into out own sound system
  •  what you want the trigger to be- button? Pressure pad? Motion sensor? Break beam? We can do the one that fits you best

Then the folks here at Oneail FX assemble your dream creation to enhance your attraction! These are great for greeters, as fillers in Dark Rides, in your store, at your party, where ever! Send us an email at or call 978-239-2545 and leave a message and we will start making your dreams a reality!