4' long fiberglass, steel and epoxy monarch caterpillar on leaf for Zoo New England

2' long rigid epoxy frogs

Masks with movable jaws

Cardiff Giant Replica

5' long half replica of the statue hoax- the Cardiff Giant. Light weight foam with rigid coating.

5'6 tall rigid body and fur covered mice for children's story area. Also created matching mascot costumes of the mother and father and the baby was made as a puppet.

Human sized mouse family - Canobie Lake Park

Arcane - Interactive Theater Company

4' tall earthen pillar with glowing crystals. Top claws were balanced so that when remote control LED orb was placed in the center, they closed around it and held it.

As we said on our opening page, we can make anything and often our customers like to test that. We have also made seasonal decorations for themed entertainment centers. They need to be weather resistant, durable and yet light to be easily used. Here are a few examples of things that we have created. Contact us to send us your idea and get a quote!

Large Scale Props, Seasonal Displays and Figures

One of our largest jobs. Over 2 dozen "semi dimensional" figues, more than 6 moving figures, 5 large scale buildouts, 5 elf homes, lighting effects, motion activated sound systems, projection effects and multiple 2 dimensional signs. Plus revitalizing current displays. Here is a sampling of what we did there.

The "Hobbit" centerpiece for Children's Hospital fundraiser. Foam and hard epoxy freehand sculpture 3' tall. Fiberglass throne overlays

Santa's Castle - North Pole - Stone Zoo