In a nutshell custom start at $900 and go up from there depending on what you want. Drop us a line and we'll work on a quote.


Why pay for a custom mask?

Well, this allows you to get exactly the mask you want! In fact we call our client the project manager! You are involved each and every step of the way.

Now the cheapest way to do it is to allow us to resell the design, but you do have the option to buy the mold or even have us make them for you. Contact us for those details.

Normal turn around time is 1-3 months depending on our current workload.

Current turn around is 4-6 months



You can send us a drawing, picture or just an idea and we will use that for the basis of the mask design.

We'll make it on one of our standard busts and that way it can go into our product line. We can make masks on bigger or smaller busts but that increases the cost especially if it means the mask is unusually small or large.


We send you pics every step of the way once the sculpt is started. You can ok them or suggest changes and we keep working back and forth until its exactly how you'd like.



Once the sculpt is exactly what you want, we make the mold out of two different types of epoxy making the mold very durable and light weight.



We cast tint the silicone to exactly the base color needed.



We paint the mask to your specs!



Then we finish it up with hair, horns, jewelry or what have you. Then we send you one last pic and when you give us the ok for that, it gets packed up and shipped off to you!