Our Fabricated Figures

We still make figures the old fashioned way- by hand. We find that this allows the purchaser greater control and it allows us to be able to fit the designers plan and budget more readily. Something inside out of reach of customers doesnt need to be as durable as something outdoors all year that is right at climb on level. Luckily we can manufacture the items as durable as you need! If multiple copies are needed, molds can be pulled from the original and you can have as many as you would like! 

We offer many levels of construction, from flat 2d figures, to semi dimensional figures that save you space and money (like the elves to the right) To fully dimensional figures (like the caterpillar on the left) that are steel reinforced and fiberglassed for amazing durability!

We can even combine the figures with realistic skin materials and even lightly animate them if you so wish!

All of our things are made in our workshop in the USA, in New Hampshire

We make the design, sculpt the mask, make the mold, cast the silicone, paint it and finish it. This gives us the greatest control and the ability to customize any design as your black little heart desires.


Standard Features of our masks-

All of our masks have all of the facial openings reinforced with Power Mesh ripstop fabric. This makes them nice and durable as long as you follow our instructions on how to put them on and take them off. In fact, go to our care and feeding page, watch the video, read the info, fall in love with us and send us wads of your money.



The masks are one size fits most. Its made off a standard sized head form and it wont fit everyone. We do sell padding kits so if your head is too small, you can help the fit. If you have a huge melon, well, the mask will probably fit you but no promises.

Order Time-

Unless otherwise noted we make each mask to order. This allows us to customize it to your whim. Our normal time to create is 2-3 weeks, then it goes into the mail and is shipped to you by USPS priority mail.

Jeremy Oneail

Owner / Artist

About our masks

Jeremy has been doing special effects makeup for TV and movies since 1999 when he was accepted into the Dick Smith Advanced Makeup Course. Since then he has done things for over 50 productions including Paul Blart Mall Cop, MTV and the Discovery Channel.

He's even got a BA of studio art with a sculpture focus from the University of NH

His IMDB is here-


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