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We Help people tell stories

Light and durable set pieces

      Masks                           Animatronics                Creepy Christmas        THeme characters

Cryptocritters / unbearables

We are a full service special effects makeup, silicone mask and thematic overlay shop!

Before you ask- YES we can do that. Doesn't matter what it is. Want a custom silicone mask? We can do that!  Want a full sized animatronic Trex? Need a seasonal event created? We can do that! Feel free to drop us a line to find out more!

To see a bunch of our makeup special effects, costume, airbrush and mascot costume work, check out our portfolio page-


Our Silicone Masks-

Our Silicone masks are affordable and realistic. They are as close as you can get to what you think of as a Mission Impossible mask. You look like one guy, pull off the mask and you are you again.

No Makeup

No Messy Glue

Instant transformation

We love custom projects and we can make anything you'd like! Drop us a line and find out just how affordable the mask of your dreams can be!