Ultra realistic waving santa

With a silicone skin, durable lace backed hair pieces, nice fabric suit, simple plug in waving mechanism and easy to assemble plastic skeleton, this Santa is a great addition to those who like to go over the top with their decorating! This can even be designed so that the Mask Max replaces the normal foam filled head underskull so then it talks, eyes move and it waves! For those on a budget, you can get the mask and outfit totally removeable so you can wear it yourself!

The simple waving Santa can be purchased by clicking HERE

Watch a quick video HERE

The Necromancer

Head is synched to built in sound and body has 3 movements. Eyes light up as well as does the staff head. Has synched lightning box. Figure is activated when things are dropped in the cauldron

While we dont have the ability to do Disney level animatronics- yet-, we do make simple moving displays and animations.


Simple Moving figures can liven up any display. Easy to maintain and minimal moving parts mean that these will be trouble free for years to come. These were also accompanied by a basic lighting system and a motion sensing sound system that played the music.

Moving Display Figures‚Äč

The " Mask Max "

Animated Mask Stand

That's right! Just pop your mask on the rigid plastic head, record a saying on the voice recorder or plug in your MP3 player and the Mask Max will lip sync to the sounds! Also included are two powered speakers that can be easily hidden!

Great for parties, haunted houses or other seasonal attractions who would like to pack a little extra punch to their event!

The mouth opens and closes to the sound playing and the eyes have ambient horizontal movement.

You can WATCH a demo of the Mask Max, here: