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-Goblin King Masked Ball- The Dark and the Light

August 19th at the Higgins Armory Castle in Worcester MA.

The Goblin King has summoned his subjects back to help him decide who should stand by his right hand. Is it the Light Fae -the Seelie Cort or the Dark Fae- the Unseelie Court. Don your best outfits, grab your masks and dance and drink the night away. Adults only 21+

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October 28 - Hocus Pocus Hosts the Heroes and Villains Ball

The Sanderson Sisters have summoned Ghouls, Monsters and Fiends to gather and celebrate their time of year!

November 4th- Princess and Pirate Extravaganza

Princesses will greet guests and have tea with them and Pirates will teach them how to swash and buckle!

Dec 9th- Yule Time Wizard Market II

Come and celebrate the winter holidays with the Witches and Wizards of NEWWS! Wonderous merchants will display their goods and entertainment will help you revel in the season!

Past Events

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-IAAPA 2017 Booth 3581

-Wizard School and Market 

June 10th 11am until 5pm at the Higgins Castle Building in Worcester Ma.

Immerse yourself in a wizard market for the day! Dozens of merchants with great wares and for those so inclined, they can sign up to study magic with one of our amazing teachers!

-Once Upon a Time Princess Tea Partry - April 22nd 10am until 5pm At the Higgins Castle in Worcester MA

Join our fairy tale princesses for a day of stories, dancing, singing and fun! Join them for tea and visit our vendors! More information and tickets are here-